How it all Started

     We begin our story with our founder as a young boy whose favorite hobby was picking fights with his older brother. As one would expect, this drove their mother crazy – until she figured out a trick to keep her two young boys quiet, for a little while at least.  She started baking cakes, encouraging the boys to help in the process. Once the cake was in the oven she told them they had to be quiet or else the cake would fall. The two young boys weren't quite sure what that meant, but it did not sound like a good thing. So the boys would be quiet while the cake baked, and while the cake cooled, and maybe a few minutes more while they ate their homemade treat. As a result of his mother's subterfuge our hero came to enjoy baking, cookies sometimes, but mostly pound cakes. He didn't like cheesecake, not yet, but that would change once he finally had his first slice. When he discovered the subtle taste of cheesecake, he fell in love with the gentle sweetness that used sugar as an enhancement to flavor – not as flavor itself. He began ordering cheesecake wherever it was available, vowing to one day learn how to bake his favorite dessert.

     Then, late one fateful night, our hero found himself alone and bored. There was no one to talk with on the phone, and no friends on AOL Instant Messenger.  He decided to do that which he had vowed and learn how to make cheesecake. He found a recipe, bought the necessary ingredients, and made his first cheesecake. It turned out wonderfully.  For the rest of the year our hero would bring cheesecakes with him whenever he attended a group event. He kept refining his technique, and picking up tips along the way. He began selling his cakes to friends, family, and those in the know.  And the rest, as they say...