Where are you located?

We don't have a retail shop. We think every cake should be as fresh as can be, so we don't make it until you order it. That does mean we need some lead time, but quality takes time. And then we bring it to your door. 


Do you ship?

For the moment, we are committed to being the cheesecake you have to have should you ever find yourself in the San Francisco Bay Area. We do not offer shipping yet, but should that ever change we will have a pop up when you visit the site. 


Can I order and pick up the same day?

While our cakes are made to order, quality takes time, so unfortunately we can't make and deliver cakes the same day.


What is the Best Cheesecake?

We try not to play favorites, but if you force us to choose we'll always side with the Caramel Apple. 


I Have a dietary restriction, do you make cheesecake for it?

We've done gluten-free, cheese-free, low fat, and low sugar cheesecakes. If you have a dietary restriction, we can usually find a way to make you a cheesecake.


can you Decorate the cake for me?

While we can do some rudimentary decorations using stencils and cocoa powder, we have spent far more time perfecting our cheesecake craft, so while some decorations are possible, we are unable to do anything truly ornate or personalized.